"Look deeper and keep writing"

di Margherita Codurelli – 3/06/2020

As we know, writing is a key part of language learning. Through writing we can consolidate grammar and vocabulary, we can be creative, share ideas with other people, while experiencing the way in which each language constructs and organises its world view.

But writing is much more than this! For example, have you ever thought of the writing process as a way to follow the flow of your ideas, look deeper within yourself and keep track of the functioning of your mind?

Learn more about this topic in the following TED presentation held by Dr. Nicoletta Demetriou from the University of Nicosia!

Here is a short extract from her inspiring speech:

“For those of you who may wonder what the point of all this is, or why you should devote any of your precious little time to writing, I can tell you. It’s because this will transform your lives. So, if you would really like to look deeper, both within yourself and within other people, if you would really like to get to know what your own voice sounds like, if you would really like to get to know what it is that you truly want to do in life, then give writing a chance!”

And you? Will you give writing a chance too?